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As you evaluate the benefits of hydrogen-powered forklifts and other material handling vehicles for your operation, you’ll need to select a hydrogen supplier. Let Air Products guide you through the process.

Selecting your hydrogen supplier is an important part of the big picture and shouldn’t be an afterthought. You can’t afford downtime. You need safe, reliable, uninterrupted supply 24/7, 365 days a year, whether your hydrogen is delivered or generated on-site. But, it’s not just the gas. You need a supplier who puts safety first and offers the latest fueling station technology, designed for simple, cost-effective installation. A supplier with innovative hydrogen dispensers and the ability to train your operators on how to fill your forklifts quickly, safely and efficiently. You want a supplier with experience, who is committed to the future of hydrogen and is in it for the long haul. A supplier who will continue to innovate to bring you the newest technologies and grow with you.

When you’re ready to choose your supplier, look to Air Products. We can help educate you about the flexible options for hydrogen supply and fueling and how they may benefit your operation. With more than 50 years of unmatched hydrogen experience, we’re at the forefront of hydrogen energy technology development. To date, we have 62 dispensers in the field fueling more than 2200 vehicles at 22 different facilities. And, we’re continuing to grow.

Choose Air Products’ SmartFuel® hydrogen solutions for:

Complete fueling infrastructure from supply to dispensing

Fueling station equipment designed for safe, reliable operations

Broadest range of backup supply in the industry

Comprehensive preventive maintenance programs and training

Pilot program support


Choosing your hydrogen supplier
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SmartFuel hydrogen technology for the material handling market
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SmartFuel hydrogen supply options
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SmartFuel hydrogen fueling stations for the material handling market
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SmartFuel mobile hydrogen fueler for material handling applications
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Choosing Your Hydrogen Supplier
fueling a forklift with hydrogen is easy - play video

SmartFuel® hydrogen solutions for material handling  
Fueling a Forklift with Hydrogen is Easy
fueling a forklift with hydrogen is easy - play video