Benefits of liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen storage is the most popular method used for Cryopreservation.

Here are a few examples of why:

  • Liquid nitrogen boiling point of -196 °C makes it an ideal cryogen
  • Modern vessels allow vapour temperatures as low as -190 °C at the top of the inventory
  • Provides the most stable environment for your samples – no hot spots
  • Liquid nitrogen vapour storage provides ease of handling – no nitrogen drag out
  • Liquid nitrogen vapour storage greatly reduces the risk of cross contamination
  • Vessel design means different styles and sizes of inventory can be stored in the same vessel
  • High capacity – up to 94,500 vials (2ml) or 1,046 blood bags (25ml)
  • Provides long hold time – freezers can hold cryogenic temperature for up to 37 days after the nitrogen supply is removed
  • Long vessel life – liquid nitrogen vessels will provide many years of reliable service
  • Liquid nitrogen freezers consume less energy than mechanical -150 °C freezers (typically less than 1% of the energy required to power a mechanical freezer)
  • No heat generated – no need for expensive HVAC systems
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