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BIP® technology - high purity gas with less harmful impurities BIP® technology - Changing the way you think about high purity gasBIP® technology - The gas revolution in the laboratory

BIP® technology
Changing the way you think about high purity gas

The hidden BIP® technology in every cylinder uniquely filters out damaging impurities with the high-tech purification system, not only consistently delivering ultra-high purity gas, but also ensuring the lowest possible levels of O2 and H2O impurities.

Ultra-high purity gases combined with BIP® technology are perfect for a wide variety of applications and in the laboratory have been proven to improve instrument performance. When used as a carrier gas in gas chromatography (GC) for example, we have carried out studies with independent third parties who have proven that switching to BIP® gases, have not only lowered detection limits and reduced baseline noise, but the reduced impurity levels of O2 and H2O have also reduced column bleed and significantly extended column life.

BIP® technology is available with the most commonly used ultra-high purity gases; Helium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Argon.

With impurity levels as low as 10ppb total hydrocarbons,10ppb oxygen and 20ppb moisture BIP® gases have become the analytical standard for all applications requiring high purity gases with consistently low levels of impurities: gas chromatography, inerting, high quality welding and many others. Contact us to find out how BIP® technology can benefit you, or click on one of the options below to find out more.

  • Less impurities, better analyses
    BIP® technology ensures that ultra-high purity gas is delivered with the lowest level of impurities available anywhere.
  • Lower costs
    Because impurities are removed inside the cylinder there is no need to worry about impurity concentration rising as the cylinder empties, meaning that there is more usable gas per cylinder. Only BIP® gases are guaranteed to meet purity specification even when the cylinder pressure is less than 500 psig (34 barg)
  • Elimination of External Purifiers
    BIP® gases are purified before they leave the cylinder eliminating the expense of installing and maintaining in line purifiers.
  • Easy to switch to BIP® cylinders
    Getting the benefits of BIP® technology couldn't be easier, simply order BIP® gases in place of your usual cylinders – no special equipment is required. The cylinder sizes and piping connections are identical.


Award Winning Technology

It's a success that's widely recognised. In 2004 BIP® technology received the Queens Award for Innovation in the UK and today is used by thousands of customers in Europe, manufacturers of analytical equipment and national laboratories of seven European countries.