Air Products speciality gases BIP® technology

Perfect performance in high tech and all analytical applications

Specialist analytical and industrial applications require an assurance of gas purity at the point of use. BIP® gases guarantee you the highest levels of purity. Ultra low impurity levels secure the accuracy of your results, giving you peace of mind so you are free to concentrate on your business.

BIP® technology means failsafe analyses for all GC users. Since BIP® gases have impurity levels as low as 10ppb total hydrocarbons, 10ppb of oxygen and 20ppb of water, every gas cylinder fitted with BIP® technology gives GC users the benefit of an improved baseline, better peak separation, lower detection limits and greater sensitivity. All this in addition to greater lifetime for columns and detectors and minimal maintenance. BIP® gas is the ultimate zero-defect gas.

Better analytical results

A baseline suddenly rockets off-scale or drops below zero during a temperature-programmed run. Extraneous peaks appear out of the blue in the chromatogram. The integration of a critical peak becomes unreliable because of a hump that shows up right under the peak instead of anywhere else in the chromatogram. Peak resolution quickly deteriorates and stationary phase bleed unexpectedly rises.

When baseline problems arise, you shut down your instrument and start troubleshooting. Of the three parts of the GC that could be causing the problem - the instrument itself, the sample, and the gas supply - where do you focus first? Probably on the gas supply. You change out the in-line and on-board purifiers; you order replacement gas cylinders; you wonder if the regulators and all of the gas delivery system now have to be checked and possibly replaced. And you wait for parts to be shipped, service engineers to appear, and your gas supplier to check out the culprit cylinder.

The consistent, ultra-high-purity of carrier gases supplied in BIP® cylinders allows you to categorically eliminate the carrier gas as a source of contamination when troubleshooting, allowing you to focus on finding the true source of your baseline problems.

BIP® Case Study - GlaxoSmithKline

Comparison FID chromatograms of methanol blank, direct injection, same instrument – Helium BIP® gas and conventional Helium 5.0 gas

What our customers say

"In our business, we cannot afford any production stops . . . with BIP® technology we now have an insurance on product consistency for each single cylinder we use, from the first to the last molecule."

Willem van Wijk, Production Manager from Alcontrol Laboratories BV Nederland