Air Products speciality gases BIP® technology

More than gas, peace of mind, that is what reliability means

Air Products unique BIP® technology features a non-return valve and residual pressure valve making it impossible for external contamination to enter the cylinder. Besides, Air Products carries out strict quality controls to guarantee the ultra high purity of the gases.

A certificate of conformity is available for each cylinder on request. Perfect gas quality is therefore assured every time. Though minimal, the risks associated with gas contamination are serious and costly – business critical results become unreliable or late, production delays are incurred, not to mention all the hassle and cost. BIP® technology provides insurance against such risks plus up to 20% more usable gas compared with traditional cylinders.

  • No rogue cylinders
  • Certified specifications
  • More usable gas for your money

What our customers say

"The slightest contamination could compromise our isotope measurements or damage our equipment. BIP® technology has enabled us to balance our technical demands with cost constraints."

Cyril GIRARDIN, Engineer, INRA, France

"Installing in-line purifiers to upgrade lesser gases into purer laboratory gases is not a good solution: they sometimes produce interfering peaks ... and they can have a short lifetime ...  R.I.C studies have shown that an in-line purifier exposed to [BIP® ] helium as carrier gas can be used up to 300 times longer than when using an industrial gas."

— Dr. Frank David, Research Institute for Chromatography