Freshline® Superfresh solutions – Freshness on demand

Globalization, cost cutting, quality, safety, clean label, traceability, sustainability including waste reduction, product shelf life, customer expectations and several other realities of today’s world offer a fair share of challenges to food processors and distributors everywhere.

Imagine the ability to keep your chilled food products fresh for longer, in a natural way. With Freshline® Superfresh solutions this is now a possibility.

This new process adds extra flexibility to your production: it makes it possible to produce your product when it suits you, store it frozen, then thaw it whenever your customer needs it, with a quality comparable to fresh modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) products.

Systematic scientific studies on various food products have proven this methodology can help you preserve your product longer and meet your sustainability targets, while making cost savings and dealing with supply chain constraints.

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Video: Introducing Freshline® Superfresh Solutions

Jon Trembley

Introducing Freshline® Superfresh Solutions

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