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PRISM on-site gas generation system PRISM on-site gas generation system PRISM on-site gas generation system PRISM on-site gas generation system PRISM on-site gas generation system

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Have you heard about PRISM® on-site gas production?

Our PRISM® on-site systems bring many advantages over traditional modes of supply. Whether you need oxygen, nitrogen or hydrogen, Air Products has ways to help you improve your efficiency and lower your overall cost.


Air Products has developed modular PRISM® on-site generators to minimise plot space, allow full automation and remote control, while enabling with turn down capability for power savings at a reduced consumption rate.


Our proprietary technology and expertise can help you achieve the optimal solution for your application.


Our Operating Service Centre’s technicians will monitor remotely your plant’s system 24/7 to provide maximum of efficiency and reliability. Additionally thanks to the backup system we ensure continuous gas supply without interruptions.


PRISM® gas generators are alternative source of supply to trailers what influence on the carbon footprint decrease.

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Latest PRISM® hydrogen generator capabilities

Supply range extended up to 5,000 Nm3/h
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