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Air Products’ Nitrogen on-site systems are available in a wide range of models that can be customised to suit each customer’s application requirements. The process parameters can be optimised to meet specifications for flow, purity and pressure. The back up system helps to ensure uninterrupted nitrogen supply. Those plants are widely use in electronics, oil refineries, chemicals, petrochemicals, metal processing as well as food packaging industries, to name but a few.

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Air Products’ Oxygen on-site supply technologies offer a highly reliable source of gas. Additionally our plants can be designed with required backup system and its modular configuration reduces installation time. A broad range of volumes, pressures and purities meets specific requirements of various industries including glass, metals, steel, cement, pulp and paper, wastewater.

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Air Products’ proprietary Hydrogen on-site generators offer the lowest-cost and most reliable solution for metals processing, steel, glass, photovoltaic, food, power generation and hydrogen fuelling application.

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Supply range extended up to 5,000 Nm3/h
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