SkillWeld 2021

Competition rules

Who is eligible?

Any welder who is currently under training may enter the SkillWeld National Welder Competition. They must be proficient in MMA and TIG and MIG/MAG. Their age will not be an obstacle to the final result of the SkillWeld competition outcome.

The competition must be conducted in accordance with the general and specific competition rules.

Conduct for competitors during live

  • All competitors will receive a health and safety briefing at the start of the competition and these rules must be adhered to throughout the competition
  • Competitors who arrive late for the competitions will not normally receive additional time.
  • Competitors will start and finish work as instructed by the judges.
  • During the competition competitors should not disturb other competitors or speak to members of the public.
  • Any competitor who wishes to leave the area during the competition must seek the permission of the Event Manager. Competitors will not be allowed contact with tutors/coaches during the live competition. Non compliance with this may result in deduction of points.
  • If there is a power stoppage or accident, the competitors must act according to the instructions of the Event Manager
  • Competitors who break or damage equipment during the competition will not receive any additional time.
  • Where a competitor is observed working in an unsafe manner s/he will be stopped and not permitted to continue unless willing to follow the Event Manager' directions.
  • The competition will be assessed and marked by judges from industry, colleges or training providers using the competition criteria and allocation of marks.

Typical tests as used in previous competitions

       process     test piece requirement
1 TIG Root MMA Remainder Pipe butt weld H-Lo 45 in carbon steel Mandatory
2 TIG Pipe to plate fillet weld in the PB position
in aluminium
3 TIG Plate fillet weld in the PD position
in stainless steel
4 MAG Plate fillet weld in the PF position
in carbon steel


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Telephone: 01270 614167
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