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Are you using your storage freezer for process freezing?

If your facility’s food freezer has only ONE DOOR, you might be using your STORAGE freezer for PROCESS freezing. Almost every walk-in, storage, or batch freezer has only one door; and that’s where all the trouble starts.

In order to grow—or even just improve your efficiency, you need to move to continuous freezing or cooling! Your warm food enters the freezer at one end, travels via conveyor through the exceptional cold of a liquid nitrogen-powered atmosphere, and exits the other end in a perfectly frozen or cooled state. Your foods are frozen or cooled practically instantly and ready for completion, packaging, storage, or shipment.

We have created a budget-conscious liquid nitrogen freezing/cooling tunnel to help our customers easily make the transition from batch freezing/cooling to continuous or tunnel freezing/cooling. Get away from using your STORAGE freezer as a PROCESS freezer and get a continuous freezer or cooler today!

Data Sheet: The Freshline® QS freezer
A quick start to freezing for innovative food processors (197 KB)
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