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We bring more to the table . . .
When you’re looking to make the most of your production process, be it quality, throughput, and/or flexibility, don’t forget to save a seat at the table for Air Products.

Air Products’ food application specialists bring you the most impressive toolkit in the industry – years and breadth of food industry knowledge, creative and successful solutions already working for many customers today, and an experienced research team in our lab:

  • We listen carefully in order to understand your current process.
  • We question in order to recognize the challenges you face.
  • We identify ways that cryogenic technology can improve productivity and profits to your business.
We will bring expertise to your conference table so that you can bring the best quality product to your consumer’s table.

Let our specialists review your operation. Or bring your products to our food lab and allow us to demonstrate the benefits of cryogenic preservation firsthand.

Call us at 800-654-4567 (mention code 1581).

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Why Freeze with Nitrogen?
The benefits of using nitrogen in a variety of food freezing applications.
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