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Want to cool down hot?
We’ll show you how you can streamline your freezing process.

If you’re using a storage freezer to chill foods during processing, you’re probably not realizing all the efficiency you can. Moving to an Air Products continuous freezer with liquid nitrogen can dramatically improve your food processing operation.

In most cases, our customers find continuous liquid nitrogen powered equipment is faster, more flexible and takes up less space. And liquid nitrogen freezing preserves food taste, texture, color and aroma.

Freshline® freezers come in several sizes and configurations to meet a wide range of food processing needs. They also come with decades of food processing experience to help you optimize your entire chilling operation and help you improve your productivity, lower your costs, and maximize your returns.

It’s a cold hard fact: your storage freezer is probably costing you money. Want to know more? Call 800 654-4567 (mention code 993)

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Why Freeze with Nitrogen?
The benefits of using nitrogen in a variety of food freezing applications.
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