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Is your food waiting in line for the freezer?
Maybe you need our continuous freezing solution

Is your freezer full of raw materials and finished goods waiting to freeze? Is the door always open as you move product in and out? Are you having trouble keeping up with demand for your products?

Our Freshline┬« QS freezer was designed to make the transition from batch cooling/freezing to full scale, continuous processing fast and easy. It requires a minimal up-front capital investment and can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing or new production line, providing you with continuous freezing   and no more waiting in line!

Up to now, it has been expensive and difficult to move to continuous cooling or freezing. Unnecessary customization, complex control system and generally over-engineered features can add up to a very costly cooling or freezing system. These same features add to the operational complexity, the sanitation tedium and various maintenance headaches.

By simplifying the Freshline QS freezer's features while maintaining the robustness of the build, the QS offers operational simplicity, easy sanitation, and maintenance-friendly design, making the move to continuous freezing or chilling easy.

Keep your products moving and out of the queue   ask about our Freshline QS today!

Call us at 800-654-4567 (mention code 4320).

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