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freeze faster with the Freshline QS freezer

Freshline QS freezer“Slow and steady” doesn’t really win races. Sure it’s great for roasting or simmering, but with freezing, fast is better. With Air Products’ Freshline® QS tunnel freezer, fast takes on new meaning. A faster freeze? Sure. Our QS freezer ensures fast, high-quality frozen or chilled products. But more than that, the QS—or QuickStart—allows fast integration since it requires a minimal up-front capital investment and is designed to fit quickly and easily into your new or existing process.

Fast . . . it’s how you win in today’s world, whether your race is in a food facility or on an Olympic track.

Brochure: The Freshline® QS freezer—A quick start to freezing for innovative food processors
Whether you are new to freezing or already freeze, the Freshline QS freezing solution has been designed with simplicity and speed in mind.
PDF Download PDF (197 KB)
Case Study: A Quick Start to Cryogenic Freezing for J&G Foods
J&G Foods has been carefully watching the trends in case-ready meats at the retail supermarket level, seeking the right opportunities to expand its business.
PDF Download PDF (364 KB)
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