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Process too hot?
Is your food process burning your quality?
We’ll help you cool things down!

Is your food process getting burned? We'll help you cool things down!

As a food processor, you want your customers to taste ALL the flavors from your ingredients. Too much heat in your process, and the delicate flavors can be damaged. Plus excess process heat can cause operational problems that may not be quite as obvious including slower production values, poor product quality, FDA issues, and inefficient operations, to name a few.

Fortunately liquid nitrogen offers a cost-effective solution. Using the unique properties of liquid nitrogen, one of the earth’s coldest refrigerants, we can suggest proven cooling and freezing methods for your toughest heat removal challenges

We’ll be happy to have our food specialists review your operation. We can even bring our food lab to you and demonstrate the cooling benefits of liquid nitrogen firsthand. Because when it comes to removing heat, we have it down cold.

To learn more, visit or call 800-654-4567 and mention code 6763.

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Why Freeze with Nitrogen?
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