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When it comes to process cooling, less is more.

Conventional vs. liquid nitrogen

Less time and less space. For food processers trying to cool and freeze, nothing’s more important. Especially if you’re adding new products, increasing volumes or automating packaging.

Less time means a better quality freeze. Ice crystals form and grow inside your food products as they are frozen. The longer it takes to freeze the food, the larger the ice crystals that get formed…destroying the structural integrity of the food. This leads to mushy food once thawed. Fast freezing does not allow the ice crystals to grow, leaving your food with the high quality it had when it entered the freezer!

Less space means much smaller equipment . . . which means a smaller equipment footprint in your facility. Highly productive and smaller equipment is what makes food processing truly hum! Imagine increasing the production volume through your plant without increasing the size of the production floor. Or imagine processing thousands and thousands of pounds of product every day and spending only a handful of minutes cleaning the equipment. Or imagine decreasing the number of moving parts, the length of conveying systems, or the sheer number of places for something to go wrong. Wouldn’t that be great! Imagine no more. The extraordinarily cold temperature of liquid nitrogen allows for the use of much less machinery to accomplish the same freezing or cooling you are doing right now. Alternatively, a liquid nitrogen freezing or cooling solution can boost the output of an existing system by a meaningful leap without taking up much footprint.

time to freeze - conventional vs. liquid nitrogen

Brochure: The Freshline® QS freezer—A quick start to freezing for innovative food processors
Whether you are new to freezing or already freeze, the Freshline QS freezing solution has been designed with simplicity and speed in mind.
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Video: Fresh Clips—Crust Freezing
For fast and flexible freezing
of both IQF and non-IQF products
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Article: New Trends in Frozen Prepared Foods
A special report by Air Products
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Brochure: Freshline® DM tunnel freezer
For fast and flexible freezing
of both IQF and non-IQF products
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