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Moldy cheese sandwich?
No one wants mold on their sandwich! Or their juice, or their fruit, or their . . . well, you get the idea!

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) adds a protective atmosphere inside the package to extend your food’s shelf-life by up to four times versus non-MAP packaging. By extending your product’s shelf-life, you can improve quality, increase distribution distance possibilities and decrease costs by minimizing waste.

With MAP, food products are packed with a single gas or a combination of gases – usually carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen – depending on the spoilage mechanisms of the food. Every food has a unique gas mix that can best maximize the preservation effect of MAP. Visit to see all the details about MAP for YOUR food products.

Even if you are already using MAP packaging, we can make your life easier! Using our CryoEase® microbulk supply mode for your MAP gases provides numerous advantages over cylinder supply. Microbulk delivery offers safety, efficiency, quality control and maintenance benefits; and as your production increases, our vessel sizes can be optimized to grow with your business.

Call us at 800-654-4567 (mention code 4318).

Data Sheet: Food and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
Using Air Products CryoEase® microbulk solutions can extend your product's shelf life, increase distribution possibilities and decrease costs. (157 KB)
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