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One size does NOT fit all!
Looking for the perfect fit for your food freezing or cooling process? Air Products has a Freshline® solution for every size customer; from large manufacturers with multiple product lines, to small food processors with specialty products, and every size in between!

Using the rapid cooling power of cryogenics, Air Products can help you improve productivity, lower costs, and maximize returns, all while preserving the taste, texture, color and aroma of your product. Our cryogenic tunnel freezers have a modular design and multiple configurations that can be easily customized to fit your production process.

We also supply our cryogenic liquids in a variety of options designed to match every customer’s requirement—from small- to large-volume users—efficiently and cost-effectively.

To learn more, visit or call us at 800-654-4567 (mention code 1864) to learn more. Air Products’ food industry specialists will work with you to understand your goals, evaluate your business needs, and provide you with food freezing or cooling solutions that fit your operation like a glove!

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