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It's the sauce that makes the meal!

Chicken, beef, pork! Meatballs, shrimp, tofu cubes! Broccoli, carrots, pepper! Beans, beans, beans! All delicious, all nutritious. But let’s just agree — IT’S THE SAUCE THAT MAKES THE MEAL! Getting that sauce or topping to join the other perfectly cooked ingredients at just the right time, at just the right temperature, is the challenge for prepared foods and ready-meal processors. Or maybe it’s a luscious fruit topping for a cheesecake or pudding.

Whether cooling sauces, gravies, marinades, custards, purees, toppings, or condiments before packaging — or cooling these products in process — the Air Products Freshline continuous sauce chiller provides an almost instantaneous cooling for a hot or warm sauce. We are able to target the extreme cold of liquid nitrogen to make intimate contact with flowable products. You can halt the cooking at precisely the right moment, resulting in red sauces that stay redder, aromatic sauces that retain their aroma, and gravies and au jus that keep their luster.

Helping you improve productivity, lower costs, and maximize returns is our aim. To contact us, please call 800-654-4567 (mention code 2568).

Data Sheet: Freshline® continuous sauce chiller
High volume sauce chilling in a small package (364 KB)
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