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Do you want square meatballs?
Liquid nitrogen cooling can make it happen.

Square sausage patties. Triangle-shaped cookies. Round crab cakes. Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. Whatever the shape, you want your products to look the same from batch to batch.

With the heat from the grinding and mixing steps, the key is to cool your product quickly so proper molding and forming can occur. Product that is too hot or lacks uniform temperature can lead to bad molds. And bad molds mean waste and poor quality. That’s where the Freshline® liquid nitrogen injection solution comes in. This solution uses the ultrafast cooling power of liquid nitrogen during your grinding or mixing stage to control temperature and keep it consistent, enabling you to produce high-quality products with a uniform appearance through a reliable, repeatable process.

We can help keep your products in perfect shape . . . with Freshline liquid nitrogen injection solutions.

To learn more, visit or call 800-654-4567 and mention code 4986, and we'll help keep your products in perfect shape.

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