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Why use liquid nitrogen?
Because it’s cold!

How cold? It’s 320 degrees below zero! That’s really cold! This property allows liquid nitrogen to freeze or cool food very, very quickly. Quick freezing or cooling means that the food does not need to spend much time in the freezer/cooler or in contact with the liquid nitrogen.

This means much smaller equipment . . . which means a smaller equipment footprint in your facility. Highly productive and smaller equipment is what makes food processing truly hum! Imagine increasing the production volume through your plant without increasing the size of the production floor. Or imagine processing thousands and thousands of pounds of product every day and spending only a handful of minutes cleaning the equipment. Or imagine decreasing the number of moving parts, the length of conveying systems, or the sheer number of places for something to go wrong. Wouldn’t that be great! Imagine no more. The extraordinarily cold temperature of liquid nitrogen allows for the use of much less machinery to accomplish the same freezing or cooling you are doing right now. Alternatively, a liquid nitrogen freezing or cooling solution can boost the output of an existing system by a meaningful leap without taking up much footprint.

Article: The Benefits of Nitrogen for Food Processing
American Chemistry magazine
January/February 2010 (2.7 MB)
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Article: Industrial Gases for the Food and Beverage Market
CryoGas International
August/September 2011 (82 KB)
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Podcast: Why Freezing with Nitrogen?
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Why Freeze with Nitrogen?
The benefits of using nitrogen in a variety of food freezing applications.
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