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Was winter cold enough for you?
While winter was very, very (very!) cold this year, it was not nearly as cold as liquid nitrogen or liquid CO2!
Liquid nitrogen boils at -320 ºF and liquid CO2 sublimates at -109 ºF! That’s cold!

Cryogens like liquid nitrogen and liquid CO2 are used in the food industry for freezing and chilling very quickly. Quick freezing and cooling permits the use of smaller equipment that is easier to clean, easier to maintain, and easier to squeeze onto a tight plant floor. Faster freezing also enables higher product quality.

Liquid nitrogen and liquid CO2 can also be directly injected into your existing grinders, blenders, mixers, formers, pumps, and extruders to keep the food from heating up during processing.

As much as we are all very, very (very!) happy that this winter is ending, let us show you how continuing a furious winter in your process can make for an even better spring (and summer, and fall, and . . . )

To learn more, visit or call 800-654-4567 and mention program 3441.

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