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Tools and Tutorials

Take a closer look at how liquid nitrogen freezing works, and how it can work for you.


Why Use Liquid Nitrogen
A three-part narrated presentation on the basics of freezing and chilling with liquid nitrogen.
Time and Temperature
Learn about the relationship between time and temperature when cooling or freezing foods as an introduction to the benefits of using liquid nitrogen.
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Quality Benefits
Learn about the quality benefits to using liquid nitrogen for cooling or freezing foods.
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Operations Benefits
Learn about the operational benefits to using liquid nitrogen cooling or freezing equipment in your facility.
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Fresh Clips

Brief video tutorials that illustrate the benefits of liquid nitrogen food freezing and chilling.
Continuous/Process Freezing
Better understand continuous or process freezing versus storage or batch freezing.
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Crust Freezing
Learn about the very cold exterior and relatively warmer interior of a frozen food upon exiting a continuous freezing system.
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IQF (individual quick freezing)
Learn about the term Individually Quick Frozen and how it applies to food.
video Play
Learn about the process of equilibration when freezing food.
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Belt Loading
Learn about the importance of belt loading when freezing or cooling food in a continuous process.
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Texture Retention
Better understand the damage caused to food by freezing too slowly.
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Increased Throughput
Learn how liquid nitrogen freezing and cooling solutions are able to increase throughput.
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Liquid Nitrogen vs. CO2
See the difference between liquid nitrogen and CO2 in contact with food.
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