Cleanfire® HRx™ Burner

Furnace optimisation

Are you facing challenges with your production? Would you like to increase productivity, lower your emissions or extend the life of your furnace?

As furnaces get older efficiency drops, heat transfer decreases, and running costs rise. We have a range of solutions including boosting, lancing and enrichment designed specifically for glass manufacturers to help overcome these challenges. Our IBL technology which combines our Cleanfire® HRiTM burners with oxygen lances has been shown to give

  • Consistent and improved glass quality
  • More stabilised furnace operation
  • Increased combustion air flexibility enabling improved control for furnace temperature and production levels
  • Faster furnace response to changes in operational parameters

Our dedicated glass team have the expertise and know how required to work with you throughout the whole process, from the initial comprehensive process evaluation through installation, start up, and into operation. We have already helped many customers, including global glass manufacturers Owens Illinois, Guardian Glass and Saint Gobain Glass, to optimise their furnaces and overcome process challenges. So talk to us today about how Cleanfire® technology can help you give new life to your furnace.

During the checker-pack replacement of our furnace in Holzminden the end port furnace was temporary converted into a oxy fuel furnace. The oxy firing was implemented with the use of a liquid oxygen installation which was completely supplied by Air Products. The take over from normal combustion, the 3 weeks oxy firing and switching back to normal firing went flawless. During the whole project the furnace could run at normal pull. Furnace engineering manager,
O-I Holzminden →
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