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Whatever your industrial or technical gas needs, we can help you. From single cylinder supply to on-site gas production, we offer a comprehensive range of safe, reliable and cost effective options. So, whether you require oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen or speciality gases, we have a solution to help you improve efficiency and lower your overall cost. We will work closely with you to understand your specific application and help you select your optimal supply solution.

PRISM® on-site gas generation

With many applications in the glass industry requiring larger volumes of industrial gases, our PRISM® on-site gas generation systems bring several advantages over traditional modes of supply. In some cases these systems have been designed specifically with the glass industry in mind.


PRISM® ON plants for float glass manufacturers (PDF →)
Our PRISM® ON generators offer a highly reliable source for your industrial gas. With flow rates of up to 500 MTD of O2 and purity of 99.5% O2 our standardised plants can also co-produce nitrogen or argon for applications with specific requirements. They are an ideal solution for glass float lines that require boosting capabilities and inert atmospheres for tin baths.

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PRISM® VSA on-site gas generators
(PDF →)
PRISM® VSA generators are a flexible, easy to install and highly reliable oxygen supply source. With low capital and operational costs, they are a sound alternative to cryogenically produced liquid oxygen. With flow rates from 5 to 150 MTD and purity from 90% to 93% they are an ideal solution for both boosting and full oxy-fuel installations.

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PRISM® N2 on-site gas generators (PDF →)
The optimal low cost and high efficiency nitrogen supply. PRISM® N2 generators are a 100%, fully packaged system that can be installed within just one day. With a flow rate of 5 to 2,000 Nm3/hr they are an ideal solution for tin bath atmospheres.

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PRISM® proprietry hydrogen on-site generators (PDF →)
PRISM® PHG generators offer the best natural gas efficiency on the market. With a typical flow rate of 100 Nm3/hr - and a capability to far exceed that - they are the optimal low-cost, high efficiency modular system for glassmakers and can be installed within just 1 day.

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Safety and Environmental Testing

With today’s strict environmental legislation emissions testing is critical to ensure your plant’s compliancy and to avoid costly fines. At Air Products we offer an extensive range of gas mixtures and complex gas blends of multiple components at low ppm levels specifically for environmental testing and emissions monitoring. Each gas mixture is blended gravimetrically, and when combined with our advanced cylinder preparation techniques ensure mixture accuracy, optimum stability and maximum shelf life.

Non-refillable Cylinders

Our non-refillable cylinders are ideal for situations where portability and ease of use is paramount, such as on-site calibration of gas detectors. Simple to operate, the cylinders can be easily used by a wide range of plant operators for function testing of portable detection equipment. Air Products’ expertise means we can work with you to find the most appropriate technical solution for your needs.
*only available in Europe and Middle East

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An overview of our gas supply capabilities (PDF →)

Air Products’ gas supply options

Air Products’ gas – an overview

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