Calibration Gas Cylinders Non-refillable Calibration Gas Cylinders

Main applications

Non-refillable cylinders are the best option in all applications where portability and lightweight is a must. They are very useful when the volume of gas needed is low. Some of the main applications where these disposable cylinders are specially useful are these:

  • Gas Detection.
    Gas Detectors save lives but they can fail in an unsafe way so the functional tests using non-refillables are very important. Non-refillables are used to both calibrate and functionally test gas detection equipment.

    Gas Detection equipment is used for:
    – Confined Space Entry
    – Personal Protection
    – Leak Detection
    – Hot Work
    – Area Monitoring

    Watch - Canister Recycling Tool →
    Watch - How to carry out a bump test →
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    Watch - Canister Recycling Tool →
    Watch - How to carry out a bump test →
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  • Food Atmosphere Analysis.
    Non-Refillables are used by food process operators to calibrate food atmosphere analysis instruments. This is an important part of quality control and checking the integrity of food packaging.

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  • Refrigerant Leak Detection.
    Non-Refillables are used by specialist contractors or site operators to test refrigerant leak detection equipment. Their mission is to aid compliance with European Union F Gas Regulations to minimise pollution from harmful green house gases ("F Gases" are ozone depleting gases that contain fluorine)
    Operators carry out fixed schedules of inspection for leaks on certain types of equipment, or install fixed systems, because badly operating equipment costs customers money in product, taxes, and maintenance besides being dangerous for the environment.

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  • Education.
    Non-refillables are often used by teachers and science technicians to support science experiments in schools and universities, as usually the quantity of gas needed is low.
    There are several reasons for that: storing these low pressure cylinders on site is safer. Besides, there are no rental costs associated to them and they are very easy to use.

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  • Oxygen Depletion Alarm Testing.
    The depletion of oxygen by asphyxiants such as pure nitrogen, argon or helium are some of the least considered and most hazardous gas detection situations, due to the very rapid onset of oxygen depletion symptoms. Non-refillables are ideal for oxygen depletion alarm testing, being portable and easy to use.

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  • Gas Chromatography.
    Non-refillables offer a cost-effective alternative to buying calibration gas standards in large refillable cylinders for GC use, where low volumes are often used.

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  • Low volume general laboratory usage and one-off projects.
    Non-refillables are more convenient and cost-effective for mixtures and pure gases when the usage is either low volume or one-off as the non-refillables are available with gas volumes from 10 litres to 110 litres, compared to thousands of litres in traditional refillable cylinders. In addition, there is no rental charge associated to them.

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The range of industries where these applications are found is very wide:

  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Beverage Production
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Fire Service
  • Food Production
  • Hazmat
  • Iron / Steel Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine / Shipyard
  • Mining
  • Nuclear
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Public Works
  • Water Treatment
  • Welding


What our customers say

“Not all sensor failures can be automatically self-diagnosed by the electronics within the equipment, therefore function (or bump) testing with gas is essential to ensure the safe continued operation of gas detection equipment – especially personal monitors. CoGDEM (The Council of Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring) is the trade association for manufacturers of gas detection instruments and associated products, and it endorses the application of EN60079-29-1 (Performance standard for flammable gas detectors) and EN60079 -29-2 (Guidance on use of flammable gas and oxygen detectors) which recommend a daily bump test for such equipment. In addition, the selection of appropriate test gas is important to ensure the bump test is carried out correctly and as an active member of CoGDEM, Air Products has contributed to the CoGDEM Guide to Gas Detection, a new hardback reference book which explains best practice and aids the selection of suitable test gases and equipment.”

Leigh Greenham Director CoGDEM

Air Products
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The recycler
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Non-refillable canisters
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Marine Calibration gases
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Non-refillable product list (Rev.13)
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Breath alcohol measurement
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Gas detection/bump calibration
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MAP headspace analysis
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Refrigerant leak detection datasheet
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