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Equipment range

Gas control equipment comprises of a range of lightweight and easy to operate valves and regulators for use with Air Products gas mixtures supplied in lightweight non-refillable cylinders. Incorporating innovative design features, there are models for both pumped and passively monitored instruments and those where the gas sample is injected.

Key features and benefits

  • Low cost and easy to operate
  • Portable and lightweight to complement lightweight cylinders for field use
  • Robust and reliable
  • Innovative design features
  • Standard valve fittings

For the 10 litre (X1.0A) aerosol type canister

Mini-Flow Valve

The Mini-Flow valve represents the most economical way of controlling the gas flow from the smallest canister.
tell me more ... This plated brass valve features an integrated flow meter which allows user to control the flow of gas up to 1.5 litres per minute by adjusting the finger wheel. An alternative version with a higher flow rate up to 2.5 litres per minute is also available. A short length of polyurethane tubing is supplied with each unit.


S-Flow Valve

The plated brass S-Flow valve allows the user more precise setting of the flow of gas from the 12 litre aerosol canister.
tell me more ...It features an integral flow adjustment valve and a clearly marked graduated flow indicator for ease of use. The unit also features a pressure gauge indicating the canister contents. A short length of polyurethane tubing is supplied with each unit.


Pump-Flow Valve

A plated brass valve for instruments fitted with internal pumps.
tell me more ... Adjusting the control wheel so that the ball in the flow meter is airborne simulates normal operating conditions of the pump. An excess of gas vents to atmosphere while the major part of the gas flow satisfies the pumps requirements. Again the valve features a short length of polyurethane tubing.


For the 34, 58, and 110 litre (X0.9A, X1.6A and X1.72A) type canisters with a C10 outlet

Fixed Flow Regulator

The fixed flow regulators are pre-set to deliver gas at a fixed flow rate to the instrument.
tell me more ... Standard flow rates include 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5 litres per minute. Other fixed flow rates are available on request. The plated brass version is ideal for non-corrosive gases, whereas the stainless steel version is recommended for use with corrosive gas mixtures. In each case, the pressure gauge shows the canister contents and a short length of tubing is supplied with each unit.


Demand Flow Regulator

The Demand-Flow regulator is designed for instruments fitted with a pump and allows gas to flow up to 5.0 litres per minute.
tell me more ... The regulator flow matches that demanded by the instrument when a negative pressure is applied at the outlet. It negates separate accessories such as T-pieces and sampling bags, and avoids wasted gas. There is an alternative stainless steel version for use with corrosive gas mixtures. In each case, the pressure gauge on the regulator shows the canister contents.


Trigger Regulator

The Trigger regulator is pre-set to deliver gas at a rate of 1.0 litre per minute.
tell me more ... Pressing the trigger activates the regulator and dispenses the gas. It can be locked into the ‘on’ position by moving the trigger to horizontal, to achieve a continuous flow of gas. The purpose of the Trigger is to reduce the risk of the operator leaving the regulator in the open position when the canister is not in use. The pressure gauge indicates the canister contents. The outlet of the regulator features a 4mm OD straight connection.


Dial-a-Flow Regulator

This easy to use, lightweight regulator provides enhanced functionality over the basic fixed flow unit.
tell me more ... It offers 9 pre-set flow rates in a single compact design which the user can select by adjusting the finger wheel on top of the regulator. The selected flow rate is clearly displayed on the regulator body. The pressure gauge shows the canister contents. There are two flow ranges of 0 – 3.0, and 0 – 5.0 litres per minute, and there are a stainless steel versions of each for use with corrosive gas mixtures.


Septa-Flow Regulator

The plated brass Septa-Flow regulator enables gas to be extracted from the canister using a gas syringe.
tell me more ... The Septa Flow is ideal when gas samples need to be directly injected into a GC via a gas tight syringe.


Pressure Regulator

Where precise control of the outlet pressure is needed from non-refillable canisters, we offer a plated brass two-stage performance regulator with outlet pressure range 0 – 4 Bar.
tell me more ... The Exact® technology incorporated in the regulator delivers two stage performance, but has the footprint of a single stage unit. It is ideally suited to the X1.6A canisters. Pressure drop from a non-refillable canister is fast compared to a traditional refillable cylinder, and this regulator option avoids significant outlet pressure drift as the canister empties. A stainless steel versión of this regulator is also available for corrosive gas mixtures.






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