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*NEW Product Update*

H2S in Air, and H2S 'Quad' Gas mixtures now available in '110L' Canisters!

Following major breakthroughs by Air Products in canister treatment processes and preparation techniques, and the completion of extensive shelf life trials, even H2S in Air, and H2S 'quad' gas mixtures are now available in '110L' canisters!  'Quad' gas mixtures contain H2S, a flammable component, CO, and O2, for calibrating and testing gas detection instruments with multiple sensors.

The smallest 10 litre gas capacity (X1.0A) aerosol type canister provides the ultimate in portability and ease of use. It is perfect where low volumes of gas are required and is ideally suited for non-reactive gas mixtures. It supports mixture shelf lives up to 3 years which makes it an ideal solution for low and infrequent usage. It is used extensively in the fields of instrument calibration and refrigerant leak detection.

The '34L' (X0.9A) is the smallest non-refillable canister in the range featuring the universal C10 connection. This high specification aluminium canister, combined with advanced treatment processes, makes it suitable for all mixture types including hydrogen sulphide, and other highly reactive components. The C10 connection facilitates use with a wide range of gas control equipment for varied applications including calibration and function testing of gas detection equipment.

The 58 litre gas capacity (X1.72A) is the second largest non-refillable canister to feature the C10 valve. The unique characteristics of this canister means that it supports highly stable ‘quad’ gas mixtures used extensively in the field of gas detection.

The 110 litre gas capacity (X1.6A) canister represents the ultimate in economy and is the largest canister in terms of content in the range. It’s higher fill pressure means that it contains twice as much gas as the 58 litre canister, yet has the same physical dimensions. This highly popular canister is designed to support both non-reactive and reactive mixture types. It is used extensively in a wide range of applications such as industrial hygiene and instrument calibration, where high gas yield is delivered without compromising portability and ease of use.

Air Products always aims to supply the best technical solution to your needs. A huge range of calibration gas mixtures and high purity gases can be provided in non-refillable cylinders as an alternative to refillable cylinders.

What our customers say

“We are involved in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of a wide range of gas detection equipment into many market sectors. The fact that the Air Products range covers all of the flammable, toxic, quad-gas and corrosive gas requirements for this market is very important to us.”

Patrice Meyer, Director, Autochim

Air Products
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