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Reliability, traceability and certification

*NEW Product Update*

Shelf life of H2S calibration and test gas mixtures increased to 24 months!

Following major breakthroughs by Air Products in canister treatment processes and preparation techniques, and the completion of extensive shelf life trials, we’ve proven our mixtures remain absolutely stable far beyond this extended period. We hope our customers will enjoy the benefits which could include less repeat ordering, less risk of expired gas, and an increase in efficiency and user confidence when calibration and testing critical safety equipment.

Non-refillable cylinders, like all calibration gases manufactured by Air Products, are traceable to national standards and issued with a Certificate of Analysis in accordance with ISO 6141. The huge experience of Air Products in producing mixtures, as well as the extensive accreditation received by the company’s laboratories means an extra guarantee for the user of these mixtures. Gas mixtures are blended gravimetrically and when combined with our advanced cylinder preparation techniques ensure mixture accuracy, optimum stability and maximum shelf life.



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The recycler
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Non-refillable canisters
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Marine Calibration gases
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Non-refillable product list (Rev.13)
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Breath alcohol measurement
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Gas detection/bump calibration
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MAP headspace analysis
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