Calibration Gas Cylinders Non-refillable Calibration Gas Cylinders

Ease of use

For ease of use, there is no better solution than non-refillables if the volume of gas required is low and if portability is essential. The largest non-refillable canister in terms of gas capacity is 36 cm tall, and only weighs just over 1Kg. A range of specially adapted carry cases allows for easy movement, and use, of up to 3 canisters around site.

The gas control equipment commonly used with non-refillable canisters is also easy to use. The lower fill pressures in non-refillables allow for simpler regulator design and consequent ease of use. The basic designs allow the user to achieve a fixed flow of gas simply by turning a finger wheel. Instructions for the most commonly used equipment types are shown on the canister itself. Despite this simplicity, there is no compromise when it comes to material specifications and quality.



  • Read the MSDS
  • Check the O-ring is in good condition.
  • Before attaching the regulator to the canister, make sure the control valve on the regulator is in the off position by turning clockwise*.
  • Hold the regulator stationary in one hand. Attach by screwing the canister into the valve.
  • Finger tight only. Stop when the contents register on the pressure gauge on the regulator.
  • Opening the control valve on the regulator by turning anticlockwise results in a fixed flow of gas delivered to the instrument.
  • When finished, close the regulator by turning the control valve clockwise.
  • When not in use, always remove the regulator from the canister.

When the canister is empty, there is no rush to return it to the gas supplier. Canisters can be disposed of at the user’s convenience ( → PDF 149 KB).

Consequently, it is much easier to ensure a continuous gas supply without having to worry about the rental costs of having two refillable cylinders on site at the same time.

From start to finish, the process of budgeting, ordering, using and disposing of canisters is easy!

What our customers say

“Our business relies on simple bump testing of gas detectors on board marine vessels. Complex high pressure cylinders and regulators would make the job too difficult but we find the Air Products non-refillable offerings very easy to use and the equipment is simple to operate.”

Erik-Jan Visser, GMS Instruments, Rotterdam

Air Products
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The recycler
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